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This classic Persian rug shows an abundance of roses arranged in beautiful geometrical patterns with pure natural colors in shades of old rose, blue, gold, beige and creamy white.


The dimensions of the rug are 40 by 60 inches (1.0 by 1.5 m).


Our rugs are produced of a high quality special blended fabric being more robust when it comes to any kind of environmental impacts, e.g. humidity and moisture, exposure to sunlight, etc.


This Persian rug is machine made of very high quality comprising 1200 knots (1200 Reeds) that are woven in one meter of width of the carpet. Reeds is an important measurement of quality and value in machine-woven rugs. The higher the number of reeds, the stronger, thicker and tighter the rug becomes.

Gisou's Grace (small size)

SKU: PR 041
  • Width: 40* inches (1.0* m)

    Length: 60* inches (1.5* m)


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